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Grab the Bottle Early Access released!

Our newest game, Grab the Bottle, has gotten an Early Access launch on Steam! You can find more information at the games' Steam store page by clicking the link below.

Our Products

Here you can browse our games when they are released. In addition to games, we also provide subcontracting services. If you are in need of programming or design work, don't hesitate to contact us. We have experience on working in many kinds of projects, including but not limited to: website design, product design, software (frontend & backend) etc.

We offer the following:


Graphic Design
Product Design
User Interface Design


Game Design
Game Graphics
Game Programming
Health Game Development


Mobile Software
Web Applications
Web Design & Development

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Our Games

Grab the Bottle

You can access the presskit for Grab the Bottle from this link.

About Us



We, Kamina Dimension, are a group of long-time gaming enthusiasts who have joined forces to form this indie game company. Our goal is to share our love of video gaming by making games for you to enjoy and have memorable experiences with. Alternatively, we also would love to help you with your programming or design needs with all kinds of projects, so contact us if you need a subcontractor!

Here you can see our logo, a hermit crab with a flaming stove on its back. The word 'Kamina' that can be found in our company name actually has a dual meaning, 'kamiina' is a stove in the Finnish language, and 'kamina' is 'hermit crab' in old Japanese. We chose this name because we felt that the stove would represent our fiery passion for gaming, and the hermit grab would represent our humble status (or start) as an independent games developer.


Most of us have been friends from middle school onwards, and all of us have been gaming avidly since our childhood. From that interest Kamina first began as a group of friends who took part in game jams around Finland, mostly Kuopio area "Health Game Jams". These game jam experiences sparked our desire to make games, and so we formed our indie game company, Kamina Dimension Ltd.

Below is a gallery showcasing some of our previous works. Take a look!




Kalle Sievänen

CEO / Designer



Teemu Nikkarinen

CTO / Programmer



Paavo-Oskari Syvertsen

Programmer / Game Designer



Jukka Asiala

2D Graphics / Designer



Adam Al-Sawad: Composer / Audio Director

Sampo Riikkilä: Marketing